The Rumour: A Cultural History.

Author / Editor
Neubauer, Hans-Joachim.
Braun, Christian, trans..

The Rumour: A Cultural History.

London: Free Association Books, 1999.

Physical Description
ix, 201 pp.

Follows the history of rumor as a cultural force in art, literature, and politics in classical tradition and in the modern western world, as it relates to renown, fame, gossip, hearsay, news, contagious surmise, speculation, and propaganda. Includes discussion of HF as an example of the conceptual separation of fame and rumor, previously fused in the classical notion of "fama," particularly as evident in Virgil and Ovid. Originally published as "FAMA: Eine Geschichte des Gerüchts (Berlin: Berlin Verlag, 1998).

Alternative Title
FAMA: Eine Geschichte des Gerüchts.

Chaucer Subjects
House of Fame
Sources, Analogues, and Literary Relations