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Erol, Burçin, trans.   [Ankara]: Gündogan, 1993.
Item not seen. WorldCat records indicate this is a translation of GP into Turkish.

Murphy, Michael, ed.   Brooklyn, N.Y. : Conal and Gavin, 2000.
A "reader-friendly" edition of four Tales in The Canterbury Tales, i.e., in modernized spelling, with glosses and notes.

Vajda, Miklós, and Ferencz Gyözö.   [Budapest]: Európa, 1987.
Translation of CT into Hungarian, with notes by Miklós Vajda and Gyözö Ferencz and an epilogue by Adám Nádasdy. Reprints the 1950 translation by a team of translators, in verse and prose: László Benjámin, Fodor András, Gábor Garai, Ágnes…

Saito, Isamu.   Tokyo: Chuokoron, 1984.
Examines balance of "ernest" and "game" in CT and medieval pilgrimage both as excursion and as penitential deed informed by ParsT.

Hoya, Katusuzo.   Bulletin of Yamanashi Medical College 1 (1984): 51-57.
Compares date of Chaucer's borrowing with date of first recorded appearance in both Continental and Norman French to show spread of loan words.

Bowden, Betsy.   Harvard Library Bulletin, n.s., 3 (1992-93): 18-34.
Compares depictions of Chaucer-the-pilgrim, the Knight, the Squire, the Monk, the Shipman, and the Reeve by the anonymous illustrator of John Urry's 1721 edition of Chaucer's "Works" and by James Jeffreys. The comparison reveals that "readers in…

Murphy, Michael, ed.   Milaca, Minn. :
A "reader-friendly" edition of The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, The Miller and His Tale, The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale, The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale, and The Nun's Priest's Tale, i.e., in modernized spelling, with glosses and…

Cohen, Barbara, trans.   New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepherd Books, 1988.
Modern prose translation, intended for children, of NPPT, PardPT, WBPT, and FranPT, with a version of GP that lacks the descriptions of the pilgrims. Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman; Introduction (pp. 7-8) by Christopher Baswell.

Hurst, Keith   Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes, 2001.
Adaptation of the CT for staging that incorporates abridged versions of PardT, FrT, MilT, RvT, WBT, and NPT, with stage directions, framed by dialogue among Chaucer, a modern student, the Host, and several fiends. The volume includes suggestions for…

Bartlett, Kate, and others.   [U.K.]: British Broadcast Corporation, 2003.
Adaptations of selections from CT in modern settings and circumstances, originally broadcast by BBC1 in six episodes, September 11-October 16, 2003. Written by Peter Bowker (MilT), Tony Grounds (PardT), Olivia Hetreed (MLT), Avie Luthra (ShT), Tony…

Murphy, Michael, ed.
This updated version of Murphy's computer-based project includes "audioglossed" versions of GP, MilT, PardT, and NPT in which readers hear the text in modern pronunciation. In addition, unfamiliar words are glossed to the ear rather than visually.…

Hieatt, A. Kent, and Constance Hieatt, eds. and trans.   New York: Bantam, 1964.
Middle English text with Modern English translation, line-by-line, of GP, KnT, MilPT, WBPT, MerPT, FranT, PardPT, PrPT, and NPT, with a brief glossary of names and terms and a bibliography appended. The Introduction describes Chaucer's life and the…

Coghill, Nevill.   Manuscripts 23.2 (1971): 93-102.
Recounts events that led to Coghill's translation of CT and to his collaboration with Martin Starkie and Richard Hill in making the musical version of the text. Includes comments on the importance of rhyme and diction in the process of translating…

Kovetz, Gene H.   Notes and Queries 203 (1958): 236-37.
Observes an inconsistency in Emily's address to Diana in KnT 1.2349-52 that results from Chaucer's change in the sequence of the three protagonists' addresses to deities, altering his source in Boccaccio's "Teseida." Suggests that Chaucer was…

Wengrow, Arnold.   Colorado Springs, Colo.: Meriwether Publishing; Droitwich: Hanbury Plays, 1983.
Dramatic adaptation of GP, WBT, MerT, MilT, RvT, PardT, NPT, and FrankT, with production notes and extensive stage directions that emphasize frolicsome vitality. Text in modern English, irregular couplets.

Bronson, Bernice.   [Rowayton, Conn.], [New Plays for Children], 1971.
Item not seen. The WorldCat record states that this drama for children was "Created through improvisation by the Looking Glass Theatre, Providence, R.I."

Woods, Phil, and Michael Bogdanov.   North Shields, U.K.: Iron Press, 1983. Previously published by Ivor Press, 1981.
Modern English, two-act drama that presents abbreviated, modified versions of KnT, RvT, CkT (a song), WBT, NPT, PardT, MerT, and MilT, framed as an annual tale-telling contest rather than a pilgrimage. The Miller and the "M.C." are focal characters…

Howard, Margaret, Bernard Palmer, David Bellan, and Martin Souter, readers.   Worton, Oxfordshire: Classical Communications, 2004.
Extracts from GP in modern English translation (J. U. Nicolson, trans.), "intermingled with atmospheric music of the period: songs, dances and instrumental pieces" (cover notes).

Coles Editorial Board.   Toronto: Coles, 1967..
Study guide to the CT, with summaries of and commentaries on the GP, the links, and all of the tales. Includes brief introductions to Chaucer's life, world, language, and development as a poet, along with passages from critics. Reprinted recurrently,…

Nicoll, Bruce.   Lincoln, Neb.: Cliffs Notes, 1964.
Includes a chronology of Chaucer's life and works, a discursive "Sketch of His Life and Times," a description of his language, summaries and commentaries on all of CT (in Ellesmere order), a list of the pilgrims with brief characterizations,…

Starkie, Martin, director.   Hollywood: Capitol Records, 1969.
Sound recording of musical stage play, with music by Richard Hill and John Hawkins, and lyrics by Nevill Coghill. The cast includes George Rose, Hermione Baddeley, Martyn Green, and others.

Starkie, Martin, producer, and co-director, with Vlado Habunek.   London: Decca Records, 1968.
Sound recording of the "Smash Hot Musical Play," with music by Richard Hill and John Hawkins, lyrics by Nevill Coghill, and the "Full Cast" of the stage production, including Wilfrid Brambell, Jessie Evans, Kenneth J. Warren, and others.

Troyer, Pamela.   Once and Future Classroom 13.2 (2017): n.p.
Describes the pedagogical value of teaching MLT alongside modern narratives "that emphasize the ways Custance represents and evokes the displaced and powerless," including students' personal experiences; "Refugee Tales," edited by David Herd; a US…

Droese, Detlef, trans.   Zürich: Manesse, 1971.
Item not seen. WorldCat record indicates this is a translation of CT into German, with illustrations by Otto Kaul adapted from early models.

Sancery, Arlette.   Bulletin des Anglicistes Médiévistes 76 (2009): 97-107.
Explores implications of the fact that the pilgrims never arrive at their destination in CT, commenting on late medieval travel and pilgrimage.
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