An Aube in the "Reeve’s Tale."

Author / Editor
Kaske, R. E.

An Aube in the "Reeve’s Tale."

ELH 26 (1959): 295-310.

Examines the "apparent momentary tenderness between Aleyn and Malyne" in RvT 1. 4234-48, reading the passage as a parody of the "dawn-song," variously known as the "aube," "aude," "aubade," or "tageliet," an "established form in the medieval poetry of the Continent." Shows that, detail by detail, the passage mocks the literary form and undercuts its courtly implications, Also comments on the dawn-song in TC 3.1422-1520, 1702-8.

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Reeve and His Tale
Troilus and Criseyde
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