Dante En Angleterre: Chaucer.

Author / Editor
Dédéyan, Charles.

Dante En Angleterre: Chaucer.

Les Lettres Romanes 12 (1958): 367-88; 13 (1959): 45-68.

The first two in a series of essays Dédéyan published on Dante in England in Les Lettres Romanes, volumes 12-15 (1958-1961). The first surveys references, allusions, and uses of Dante in TC, PF, and HF. The second continues the discussion of HF, and also considers LGW and CT, addressing echoes in MLT, PrP, FrT, MerT, and SqT, along with more sustained resonances in MkT (Hugolino), WBT, and SNP. Includes discussion of Gent and comments on Dante's "Canzone" and "Convivio" as well as his "Comedy."

Chaucer Subjects
Sources, Analogues, and Literary Relations