The Changing Outlook of Chaucerian England.

Author / Editor
Gillespie, David Southard.

The Changing Outlook of Chaucerian England.

Ph.D. Dissertation. Michigan State University, 1971. Dissertation Abstracts International 32 (1971): 3188-89A. Fully accessible at; accessed April 22, 2023.

Historical analysis of the changes in the English world view preceding and following the Black Death of 1349, with particular attention to the art and literature up to 1385 and its "pessimism and macabre realism." Includes recurrent references to Chaucer, highlighting his concerns with death (PardT), fortune (TC), ecclesiastical satire, and the ambiguities of social class.

Chaucer Subjects
Background and General Criticism
Pardoner and His Tale
Troilus and Criseyde