The Boke of Coumfort of Bois.

Author / Editor
Kaylor, Noel Harold, Jr., Jason Edward Streed, and William H. Watts, eds.

The Boke of Coumfort of Bois.

Carmina Philosophiae 2 (1993): 55-104.

Publishes "for the first time a full transcription of an anonymous Middle English translation of Book I of the "Consolation of Philosophy" which is held by the Bodleian Library of Oxford University and catalogued as MS AUCT. F.3.5," drawing the title from "author's introduction" to the work, and accepting a suggestion in the Bodleian catalogue that the text "depends upon Chaucer's translation of the 'Consolation'" (i.e., Bo), although "'modified and paraphrased and to some extent accompanied by a commentary'." The brief Introduction focuses on the commentary, and on linguistic and textual concerns.

Streed, Jason Edward, ed.
Watts, William H. Watts, ed.

Chaucer Subjects
Chaucer's Influence and Later Allusion