Geoffrey Chaucer: A Selection of His Works.

Author / Editor
Kee, Kenneth, ed.

Geoffrey Chaucer: A Selection of His Works.

New York: St. Martin's; Toronto: Macmillan of Canada; London: Macmillan, 1966.

Physical Description
xlv, 232 pp.

College Classics in English

Reprints (generally from Chaucer Society publications) selections from Chaucer's short poems (MercB, Ros, Sted, Buk, Adam, and Purse) and from CT (GP, WBPT, MerPT, FranT, NPT, ParPT, and Ret), with sidebar glosses and bottom-of-page explanatory notes. The Introduction includes a "Brief Biography," discussion of Chaucer's social and literary milieu, the CT generally, and Chaucer's language, grammar, and versification, accompanied by a short bibliography.

Chaucer Subjects
Fcsimiles, Editions, and Translations
Canterbury Tales--General
Life of Chaucer
Language and Word Studies
Styler and Versification