Reading Landscapes in Medieval British Romance.

Author / Editor
Richmond, Andrew Murray.

Reading Landscapes in Medieval British Romance.

Ph.D. Dissertation. The Ohio State University, 2015. Open access at (accessed February 3, 2023).

Physical Description
x, 317 pp.

Assesses the "textual landscapes and ecological details" in various late-medieval British romances, including discussion of seaside and shipwreck in MLT and in Gower's analogous Tale of Constance "as a simultaneously inviting and threatening space whose multifaceted nature as a geographical, political, and social boundary embodies the complex range of meanings embedded in the Middle English concept of 'play'." Considers several other literary topographies, including discussion of how the "agricultural" landscape in "The Tale of Gamelyn" and other works reflects "anxieties about the lack of human control" resulting from civil war, plague, and the "Little Ice Age."

Chaucer Subjects
Man of Law and His Tale
Sources, Analogues, and Literary Relations
Chaucerian Apocrypha