Response Essay: Chaucer's Inquisition.

Author / Editor
Steiner, Emily.

Response Essay: Chaucer's Inquisition.

Mary C. Flannery and Katie C. Walter, eds. The Culture of Inquisition in Medieval England (Cambridge: Brewer, 2013), pp. 164-72.

Responds to the nine essays in this volume, exploring relations among inquisition, innovation, creativity, and imagination. Discusses LGWP as a poem that "seeks its inventiveness in law at the same time that it invites its readers to enjoy the inquisition of the poet" and thereby "generates an authorship that feels modern, rather than pre-modern." Parallels the inquisitorial list of Chaucer's works in LGWP with the confessional one in Ret.

Flannery, Mary C. Flannery, ed.
Walter, Katie C., ed.

Alternative Title
The Culture of Inquisition in Medieval England.

Chaucer Subjects
Legend of Good Women
Chaucer's Retraction
Background and General Criticism