Medieval English Lyrics and Carols.

Author / Editor
Duncan, Thomas G., ed.

Medieval English Lyrics and Carols.

Cambridge: Brewer, 2013.

Physical Description
xiv, 466 pp.

Offers a "comprehensive selection" of short poems and lyrical interpolations from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries (Part I) and from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries (Part II), topically arranged, in normalized spelling, with sidebar glosses, notes, textual information, an extensive Introduction (pp. 1-51), a first-line index, and two appendices: "Music and Metre" and "Syllabic Analysis of Middle English Verse." Examples by Chaucer or attributed to him include Ros, Wom Nob, Wom Unc, Compl d'Am, MercB, Bal Compl, the birds' roundel from PF, the Canticus Troili, For, Truth, Gent, and Purse.

Chaucer Subjects
Lyrics and Short Poems