In Search of Chaucer.

Author / Editor
Bronson, Bertrand H.

In Search of Chaucer.

Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1960.

Physical Description
ix, 117 pp.

The Alexander Lectures.

Engages several critical approaches to Chaucer works and incorporates them into appreciative commentaries, with particular attention to the poet's "habit of working" or process of composition, his narrative techniques (not inorganic, but accumulative), themes (the status of poetry and the value of reading), stylistic/rhetorical variety (especially allegory and naturalism), and poet-audience relations. Organizes the discussions in three groups, i.e., Chaucer's "spheres of interest": the dream world, mundane existence, and "imagined life through reading," emphasizing how Chaucer may have created the works and how they mean. Discusses PF, LGWP, MkT, and PardPT in greatest detail, but treats all major works.

Chaucer Subjects
Background and General Criticism
Parliament of Fowls
Legend of Good Women
Monk and His Tale
Pardoner and His Tale