Characterization in the "Miller's Tale."

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Beichner, Paul E.

Characterization in the "Miller's Tale."

Richard J. Schoeck and Jerome Taylor, eds. Chaucer Criticism, Volume I: "The Canterbury Tales" (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 1960), pp. 117-29.

Praises the "high organic unity" of MilT, attributing it to effective characterization of the major actors: "by making him 'hende' in one sense or another, Chaucer has motivated each incident of the plot involving Nicholas; and similarly, he has made the action involving Alisoun and Absolon flow from the fact that she is an earthy girl and he is an effeminate fastidious dandy." They are "perfect characters for the various roles in the little farce."

Scheock, Richard J., ed.
Taylor, Jerome, ed.

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Chaucer Criticism, Volume I: "The Canterbury Tales"

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Miller and His Tale