Chaucer and the "Panthère d'Amours."

Author / Editor
Baugh, Albert C.

Chaucer and the "Panthère d'Amours."

Wolfgang Iser and Hans Schabram, eds. Britannica: Festschrift für Hermann M. Flasdieck (Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1960), pp. 51-61.

Reviews discussions that consider Nicole de Margival's "La Panthère d'Amous" to be a source of HF, challenging most of them for lack of specificity or because shared details are conventional. Only two brief passages evince Margival's influence and neither is conclusive.

Iser, Wolfgang, ed.
Schabram, Hans, ed.

Alternative Title
Britannica: Festschrift für Hermann M. Flasdieck.

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House of Fame
Sources, Analogues, and Literary Relations