A Guide to Chaucer's Pronunciation.

Author / Editor
Kökeritz, Helge.

A Guide to Chaucer's Pronunciation.

New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1961.

Physical Description
32 pp.

Introduces pronunciation of Chaucer's English, offering a series of general rules, explained in relationship to Modern English, both "British and American" and designed for "teachers and students." Also includes transcriptions of nine passages in simplified phonetics: GP 1-42, 118-62, 285-308, 477-500; WBP 453-80; WBT 857-881; PrT 516-50; HF1-52; and TC 1.1-35. First published in Stockholm: Almquist & Wiksell; New Haven, Conn.: Whitlock 1954. Reprinted in Toronto and Buffalo: University of Toronto Press, 1978.

Chaucer Subjects
Language and Word Studies