Chaucer's Verse.

Author / Editor
Baum, Paul F.

Chaucer's Verse.

Durham, N.J.: Duke University Press, 1961

Physical Description
vii, 144 pp.

Describes Chaucer's metrical line as a "series of five iambs" and the beginning of "modern English verse," and provides examples from across Chaucer's corpus of dominant practices, variations in feet and line-lengths, rhyme patterns, and stanzas. Cautions against modern certainty about Chaucer's prosody but praises the "enrichments" of his "art poetical" in select passages and commends his skillful "freedom" as an aural poet. Treats Chaucer's uses of poetic language ("rhyme," "verse," "cadence," etc.), and in three appendices comments on the "heresy" of treating Chaucer's line as four-beat rather than five-, the unusual poetry of CYPT, and the question of metrical revision in TC.

Chaucer Subjects
Style and Versification
Language and Word Studies
Canon's Yeoman and His Tale
Troilus and Criseyde