Later Medieval English Prose.

Author / Editor
Matthews, William, ed.

Later Medieval English Prose.

New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts; London: Peter Owen, 1963.

Physical Description
336 pp.

Anthologizes some sixty modernized examples and excerpts from late-medieval English prose writing, arranged by topic, form, or genre (e.g., Historians, Mystics, Religious Controversialists, etc.), with a brief introduction to each section. Includes a selection from Bo (pp. 191-200; Bo 5pr2-4) under "Moral Philosophers" and under "Literary Critics," Ret (pp. 233-34) and William Caxton's "Proem to the 'Canterbury Tales,' 1484" (pp. 234-36).

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Facsimiles, Editions, and Translations
Chaucer's Retraction