Chaucer's Pandarus: Patterns of Persuasion.

Author / Editor
Malarkey, Stoddard.

Chaucer's Pandarus: Patterns of Persuasion.

Dissertation Abstracts International 25.05 (1964): 2983-84A.

Analyzes the rhetoric of Pandarus's speeches in TC, exploring how they align with Chaucer's changes to Boccaccio's Pandaro and how they reflect the emphases and concerns of medieval rhetoricians. Explores the different techniques of persuasion Pandarus uses on Troilus and on Criseyde, and how Pandarus's defective rhetoric mirrors his defective philosophy, helping to unify the poem.

Chaucer Subjects
Troilus and Criseyde
Style and Versification
Sources, Analogues, and Literary Relations