Authenticating Realism and the Realism of Chaucer.

Author / Editor
Bloomfield, Morton W.

Authenticating Realism and the Realism of Chaucer.

Thought: A Review of Culture and Ideas 39 (1964): 335-58.

Explores the narrative devices used by modern and premodern writers of fiction to establish "an air of truth or plausibility"—first-person point of view, intimate tone, details drawn from the real world, and various "tricks" used to compel readers to suspend their disbelief. Comments on Scriptural realism and that of saints' lives and dream visions, examining Chaucer's techniques in BD, TC, and CT, particularly their framing devices, with attention to the "circumstantial realism" of the frame of CT and its productive tensions with ideals expressed in the tales.

Chaucer Subjects
Style and Versification
Book of the Duchess
Troilus and Criseyde
Canterbury Tales--General