Ovid and the Canterbury Tales.

Author / Editor
Hoffman, Richard L.

Ovid and the Canterbury Tales.

[Philadelphia]: [University of Pennsylvania Press,] 1966.

Physical Description
xii, 217 pp.

Argues that Ovid inspired the structure, narrative complexities, and thematic focus of CT—its tales-within-a-tale structure, its multiple narrators characterized by their tales, and its concern with two kinds of love, higher and lower—and shows that a large number of specific echoes of "Amores," "Ars Amatoria," "Fasti," "Heroides," and, especially "Metamorphoses" are manifest in GP, KnT, MilT, MLPT, WBPT, SumT, MerT, SqT, FranT, PhyT, Mel, MkT (Hercules), and ManT, demonstrating these specific influences by providing parallel passages from Chaucer's texts, Ovid's texts, and medieval analogues and commentaries.

Chaucer Subjects
Sources, Analogues, and Literary Relations
Canterbury Tales--General