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Odobo, Ugwoke Oloto.   [Nigeria]: Zion Printing Press, 2018.
Item not seen. Citation derives from WorldCat record.

Donaldson, E. Talbot.   [North Hollywood, Calif.]: The Center for Cassette Studies, 1973.
Item not seen; the note(s) to the WorldCat record provide the following description: "Dr. E. Talbot Donaldson, a foremost Chaucerian authority, overviews the historical and literary milieu of Geoffrey Chaucer ans [sic] his Canterbury tales, outlines…

Greenlaw, Lavinia, trans.   [North Kingstown, R.I.]: AudioGO, 2010.
Item not accessed; reported by WorldCat, with link to a commercial description: "A BBC Radio 4 full-cast [modernization] of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde by poet and writer Lavinia Greenlaw . . . . The cast includes Tom Ferguson as Troilus, Maxine…

Burns, Raymond S.   [Old Greenwich, Conn.]: Listening Library, 1969. PC 3375.
Item not seen. The WorldCat records indicate that this lecture is read by the author; also released as an audio cassette in 1973.

Spaul, Jo.   [Oldham, U.K.]: Incline Press, 1999.
Twenty-one original woodcuts of birds and related scenes, each accompanied by a single poem of "suitable verse," by various authors. The first selection is from ManT (9.163-74). Printed in a limited edition of 180 copies.

Bravo [García], Antonio, ed.   [Oviedo]: Universidad de Oviedo, Servicio de Publicaciones, 1998.
This anthology of Middle English writing includes MilT and PardT(edited from the Ellesmere manuacript), with facing-page glosses and a brief introduction.

Bax, Arnold.   [Petersfield]: Fand Music, 2012.
Musical setting for the song at the end of PF (ll. 680-90; 691 is omitted), in modernized Middle English; printed from the original in British Library, Additional MS 54779 as edited by Graham Parlett.

Hoffman, Richard L.   [Philadelphia]: [University of Pennsylvania Press,] 1966.
Argues that Ovid inspired the structure, narrative complexities, and thematic focus of CT—its tales-within-a-tale structure, its multiple narrators characterized by their tales, and its concern with two kinds of love, higher and lower—and shows that…

Thwaite, Anthony,and Richard Mervyn,writer,   [Princeton, N.J.]: Films for the Humanities, [1988].
Produced by Cromwell Productions.

Havely, Nicholas R., dir.   [Provo, Ut.]: Chaucer Studio, 2002.
Complete Middle English audio recording of HF, read by Ros Allen, Tom Burton, Nicholas Havely, Derek Pearsall, Felicity Riddy, and Paul Thomas. Includes three interpolated songs.

Thomas, Paul R., dir.   [Provo, UT] : Chaucer Studio, 2002.
Middle English audio recording of MkP, MkT, and NPP (through line 2807), read by Alan T. Gaylord. Recorded at the 36th International Congress of Medieval Studies.

Gaylord, Alan T.   [Provo, Utah]: Chaucer Studio; [Richmond, Ky.]: Southeastern Medieval Association, 1999. Supplement to special issue of Medieval Perspectives, no. 14
An aural history of alliterative verse in English, from Caedmon's Hymn to "traces" and imitations in modern poetry, with emphasis on medieval tradition. First delivered as a plenary address at the 1998 meeting of the Southeastern Medieval…

Delahoyde, Michael.   [Pullman]: Washington State University, n.d.
Pedagogical website that focuses on CT but includes internal links to descriptions of Chaucer's other works and to background information. Individual webpages provide descriptions of the Tales that comment on themes and critical issues, accompanied…

Kiessling, Nicolas.   [Pulman]: Washington State University, 1977.
Includes passim references to Chaucer's works and reprints as "Monks and Incubi in Chaucer" (pp. 51-55) a slightly revised version of "The Wife of Bath's Tale, D 878-81," (Chaucer Review 7 (1972): 113-17).

Engel, Elliot.   [Raleigh, N.C.]: Barefoot Press, 1991.
An anthology of comic selections, including (pp. 9-17) the Nevill Coghill translation the GP description of the Wife of Bath and selections from WBP, with a brief introduction. The volume includes a commentary on literary humor, illustrations by…

Miltner, Robert.   [Rocky River, Ohio]: The Center for Learning, 1988.
Pedagogical materials for high school teachers, including ten lessons on CT, topics for assignments, handouts, report forms, and instructions on how to use these materials.

Bronson, Bernice.   [Rowayton, Conn.], [New Plays for Children], 1971.
Item not seen. The WorldCat record states that this drama for children was "Created through improvisation by the Looking Glass Theatre, Providence, R.I."

[San Bruno, Calif.], 2005. Updated recurrently.
Website of eclectic user-generated audio-visual materials, with internal search engine. A search for "Chaucer" produces thousands of results, including links to lectures on the poet's life, language, works, and historical contexts, as well as student…

Boyd, Beverly.   [San Marino, Calif.]: Huntington Library, 1973.
An introduction to "those aspects of Chaucer studies which involve manuscripts and incunabula," designed for classroom use, including discussion of binding, manuscript production and materials, decoration and illumination, paleography, book trade and…

Dane, Joseph A.   [Santa Barbara, Calif.]: Punctum, 2018.
Includes a series of essays in medieval studies and book history that are concerned "with the tenuous connection between what we define as evidence and what we construct as the narrative, scholarly or historical, that makes sense of that evidence."…

Dor, Juliette, and Marie-Élisabeth Henneau, eds.   [Santiago de Compostela]: Compostela Group of Universities, 2007.
Collection of essays in French and English that examine factual and fictive female pilgrims, focusing on their representation in spiritual and courtly literature. For two essays that pertain to Chaucer, search for Femmes et pèlerinages under…

Marteau, Robert, trans.   [Seyssel (Ain)]: Champ Vallon, 2008.
Facing-page translation of PF into modern French poetry. Includes as an appendix Marteau's poetic tribute to Chaucer, "Hommage au Noble Geffroy Chaucier, Grant Translateur."

Bragg, Melvyn.   [Silver Spring, Md.]: Athena, 2009.
An abridged and adapted version of Bragg's book-length study "The Adventure of English, 500AD to 2000: The Biography of a Language" (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2003; New York: Arcade, 2004), augmented for audio-visual recording with music, maps,…

Rodríquez Álvarez, Alicia, and Francisco Alanso Almeida, eds.   [Spain]: Netbiblo, 2004.
Eighteen essays by various authors on language, literature, and scientific manuscripts in Old and Middle English. For two essays that pertain to Chaucer, search for Voices on the Past under Alternative Title.

Treweek, A. P., ed.   [Sydney]: AULLA, 1970.
Includes three essays that pertain to Chaucer and brief synopses of three additional ones that are not included in the volume: Stephen Knight, "Rhetoric and Poetry in 'The Franklin's Tale'''; H. E. Hallam, "The Throne of Chaunticleer"; and Brian…
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