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Shaw, Tim.   N.p.: Smashwords, 2013.
A murder mystery set in medieval London, told by Geoffrey Chaucer recounting events in the first person. Includes various historical persons and provides chapter notes at the end of the narrative.

Passfield, John.   Bloomington, Ind.: AuthorHouse, 2013.
Historical novel; a prequel to CT and cast as Chaucer's notebook or journal as he plans and writes his poem, drawing inspiration from his fellow travelers on the current journey. Includes portions of CT in fictional drafts (GP extensively) and…

Kellner, Hank.   N.p.: Smashwords, 2013.
Parodies GP, featuring twenty-nine character sketches of people who intend to travel together to Pokerbury, a site for gambling, planning to tell tales along the way. Modern professions include the Broker, the Dentist, the Scientist, etc.

Swiatek, Conrad.   N.p.:, 2014.
A frame-tale collection of stories that adapts aspects of CT, told while travelers are trapped on a stalled subway car. Written in rhymed couplets, with a General Prologue and nineteen tales without prologues.

Rowland, Amy.   Chapel Hill, N. C.: Algonquin, 2014.
A novel about a modern-day transcriptionist who works for a New York newspaper. Obsessed by a recent suicide, her distrust of truth and language grows. Includes recurrent references to Chaucer and his works, most extensively in Chapter 6, "Chaucer's…

Rossiter, William T.   Alison Yarrington and Stefano Villani, eds. Travels and Translations: Anglo-Italian Cultural Transactions (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2013), pp. 231-50.
Expands upon Harold Bloom's concept of the "anxiety of influence" to explore agonistic revisionism through translation in medieval literature, focusing on transmission from Italy to England and illustrating in detail how "verbal, phrasal,…

Johnston, Andrew James.   Martin Baisch and Jutta Eming, ed. Hybriditat und Spiel: Der Europaische Liebes- und Abenteuerroman von der Antike zur Friihen Neuzeit (Berlin: Akademie, 2013), pp. 163-73.
Focuses on "generic links" between MLPT and "the ancient novel/Greek romance," especially multiple adventures as a plot device and the motif of incestuous desire that is both "rife" in the plot of MLT and a "conspicuous absence." Shows how incest…

Bennett, Jim, and Giorgio Strano.   Nuncius: Journal of the Material and Visual History of Science 29 (2014): 179-29; 9 color and b&w figs.
Describes the ownership history and details the physical features of a fourteenth-century English astrolabe in the Koelliker Collection, Milan, assessing its status as the "Chaucer Astrolabe" (here called the "Tomba-Koelliker astrolabe") by gauging…

Yıldız, Nazan.   Edebiyat Fakültesi Dergisi (Hacettepe University) 32.2 (2015): 299-312.
Explores the social status of the Prioress as someone caught between "her former and present estates, the nobility and the clergy respectively," exploring her "hybrid identity" at this interface Includes an abstract in Turkish and in English.

Franck, Ed, adapt.   Leuven: Davidsfonds, 2013.
Item not seen. The WorldCat record indicates that this is a Dutch prose adaptation of CT for juvenile audience, with illustrations by Carll Cneut.

Glück, Robert.   Robert Glück. Elements of a Coffee Service (San Francisco: Four Seasons Foundation, 1982), pp, 50-55.
Modern prose adaptation of PardPT, adapted into a fictional frame that refers to Passolini's cinematic version of CT.

Marshall, Helen.   Helen Marshall. Hair Side, Flesh Side (Toronto: ChiZine, 2012), pp. 218-28.
Short story about an Oxford graduate student, ambivalent about love and about her Chaucer studies, visited by the poet at nighttime. Includes recurrent allusion to the ambiguous gate in PF 123ff.

Ciura, Marcin, trans.   Krakow: Nakł. Tr., 2013.
Item not seen. The WorldCat record indicates that this is a translation of PF into Polish.

Bazire, Joyce.   Year's Work in English Studies 41 (1963): 69-79.
A discursive review of Chaucerian scholarship and research published in 1960.

Bazire, Joyce.   Year's Work in English Studies 42 (1963): 74-81.
A discursive review of Chaucerian scholarship and research published in 1961.

Bazire, Joyce.   Year's Work in English Studies 43 (1964): 78-87.
A discursive review of Chaucerian scholarship and research published in 1962.

Gentieu, Norman P., trans.   Foote Prints 31.2 (1960): 12-25.
Translates a portion of Astr (through Part 2.7) into Modern English with accompanying illustrations "re-drawn" from the manuscripts. The Introduction summarizes the nature, variety, and uses of astrolabes, describes Chaucer's text, and commends it as…

Classen, Albrecht.   369 pp.
Surveys depictions of sexual activities and attitudes toward them in the literature of medieval Europe. Includes a brief life of Chaucer and recurrent comments on his works (see the Index), with a summary description of sexuality and scatology in…

Tig, Thomas, compiler.   Thomas, Tig, compiler. 50 Princess Stories (Thaxted, England: Miles Kelly, 2012), pp. 12-21.
Prose adaptation of KnT, abbreviated and simplified for a juvenile audience, with color illustrations by Marcin Piwowarski.

Thompson, Ann.   Jerzy Limon, Malgorzata Grzegorzewska, and Jacek Fabiszak, eds. Shakesplorations: Essays in Honour of Professor Marta Gibinska (Gdansk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdanskiego, in cooperation with the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and the Theatrum Gedanense Foundation, 2012), pp. 24-37.
Surveys attention to Chaucer's influence upon Shakespeare, enumerating the references to Chaucer in all recent Arden Shakespeare editions and in various editions of "Troilus and Cressida" and of "The Two Noble Kinsmen." Shows that the attention is…

Perkins, Nicholas.   Susan Scollay, ed. Love and Devotion from Persia and Beyond (South Varra, Victoria: Macmillan Art Publishing, 2012), pp. 151-56; 3 b&w figs.
Comments on the importance of love as a topic in Chaucer's works, with particular attention to TC, SqT, and PF.

Mira, Eduard.   Madrid: Nowtilus, 2012.
Item not seen. WorldCat records indicate this is an historical novel that features Chaucer.

McKinstry, James Andrew,   Ph.D. Dissertation. Durham University, 2012. Open access at
Examines "the creative challenges for memory in a selection of established romances such as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Orfeo, Emaré, and King Horn, including those of Chaucer and Malory, along with lesser studied, longer romances such as…

León Sendra, Antonio, and Lucia Garcia Magaldi.  
Item not seen. Publisher's information indicates that the volume includes discussions of two sections of HF, comparison of Chaucer's (LGW) and Shakespeare's accounts of the rape of Lucrece, and suggestions for university teaching of Chaucer and…

Egedi –Kovács, Emese, ed.   Budapest: Collège Eötvös József ELTE, 2012.
Item not seen. WorldCat records indicate that this volume of conference proceedings includes an essay entitled "De la Fée Morgane à la Femme de Bath de Chaucer"; no author indicated.
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