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Bennett, J. A. W.   Oxford; Clarendon Press, 1968.
Reads HF as Chaucer's "vindication of poetry," even though he comically proposes to eschew it. Identifies the various echoes of classical and medieval sources in HF, particularly Virgil's "Aeneid," Ovid's "Metamorphoses," Alain de Lille's…

Baird, Joseph L.   Chaucer Review 2.3 (1968): 188-90.
Identifies the legal denotations of the word "secte" (suit at law) and argues that the Clerk's use of it when referring to the Wife of Bath (4.1170-71) indicates that his Tale is a reply to hers.

Baird-Lange, Lorrayne Y., Bege K. Bowers, Bruce W. Hozeski, Hildegard Schnuttgen [et al.].   Studies in the Age of Chaucer 13 (1991): 293-368.
Continuation of SAC annual bibliography (since 1975); based on 1989 MLA Bibliography listings, contributions from an international bibliographic team, and independent research. A total of 359 items including reviews.

Bowers, Bege K.   Chaucer Review 26 (1991): 184-204.
The 1990 report of the Committee on Chaucer Bibliography and Research; lists 304 Chaucer studies.

McAlpine, Monica E.   Toronto; Buffalo, NY; London: University of Toronto Press, 1991.
Annotated entries are alphabetized in five chronological periods (1900-30, 1931-60, 1961-70, 1971-80, 1981-85) under two headings: Knight in the GP (and Links) and KnT.

Denley, Marie, and Lucinda Rumsey.   Year's Work in English Studies 70 (1992): 210-35.
Discursive review of Chaucerian scholarship and research published in 1989.

Love, Nathan, and others.   Encomia 14 (1992): 21-147.
Annual bibliography of the International Courtly Literature Society, listing 806 items, briefly annotated in some cases. The subject index lists thirty-two Chaucerian works and topics.

Oizumi, Akio, ed. Programmed by Kunihiro Miki.   Hildescheim, Zurich, and New York: Olms-Weidmann, 1991.
Supplies every form of every word in the Chaucer corpus of The Riverside Chaucer, using KWIC format. Presents the headword in the center of the page and provides about two lines of context for the poetry. Variant spellings are listed separately,…

Pearsall, Derek.   Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1990
A selective, annotated bibliography of 614 entries, indexed rather than cross-listed, covering 1900-1988. Entries are arranged under descriptive and topical categories such as Bibliography, Date, Meter, Literary Relationships, Allegory,and Dream…

Bowers, John M.   Medieval Perspectives 6 (1991): 135-43.
Thomas Chaucer continued the lease on his father's house in the garden at Westminster Abbey to provide a repository for Geoffrey Chaucer's literary remains. His motive was to help form a Lancastrian poetic canon committed to social stability and…

Carlson, David R.   Huntington Library Quarterly 54 (1991): 283-300.
Hoccleve's hopes for preferment depended upon his claim to personal acquaintance with Chaucer and to his "consail and reed." Hoccleve's patrons had known Chaucer by sight and could verify the image of Chaucer that accompanies Hoccleve's poems. …

Matheson, Lister M.   Chaucer Review 25 (1991): 171-89.
An examination of Chaucer's original family name, Malyn, casts doubt on previous claims that Chaucer's family was involved in leather making. For social and commercial reasons, Chaucer was a more acceptable surname. Chaucer used Malyn or its…

Pearsall, Derek   Studies in the Age of Chaucer 13 (1991): 5-14.
Justifies writing a new biography of Chaucer despite objections that it may be impossible, useless, or superfluous. The exceptional nature of Chaucer's life and the richness of his historical context make the undertaking worthwhile.

Walker, S.K.   English Historical Review 106 (1991): 68-79.
The letters provide a new perspective on the uprising of 1381,the usurpation of 1399, and exploitation of the language of love.

Boffey, Julia.   Publications of the Bibliographical Society of America, 85 (1991):11-26.
A study of the "traditions of lyric publication on which Tottel built" his 1557 collection, Tottel's Miscellany. Discusses early English printers' "Chaucerian anthologies"--Caxton's quarto volumes among them--that combine Chaucer's lyrics and longer…

Hewett-Smith, Kathleen M.   Studies in the Age of Chaucer 13 (1991): 99-119.
Furnivall's printed transcriptions of TC manuscripts have created a legacy of errors, especially in editions based on Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 61 (Cp). Hewett-Smith identifies errors in Robinson's edition and exemplifies the transmission…

Bowden, Betsy, ed.   Cambridge: D.S.Brewer, 1991.
A collection of thirty-two eighteenth-century modernizations of CT by at least seventeen authors, known and anonymous. Valuable in an exploration of reception aesthetics and reader-response theory.

Cawley, A.C., ed.   London: J.M. Dent & Sons, 1990.
Reprint of 1958 edition, with slight revisions in bibliography.

Dor, Juliette De Caluwe, trans.   Paris: Christian Bourgois, 10/18, Bibliotheque Medievale, 1991.
Introduction, bibliography, and French translations of WBP, WBT, ClT, MerT, FranT, PhyT, PardT, ShT, PrT, NPT, SNT, CYT,and ManT.

Higuchi, Masayuki, trans.   Hiroshima: Keisuisha, 1991.
Japanese translation of Bo based on Larry Benson, gen ed., The Riverside Chaucer, with notes.

Kemmler, Fritz, trans. Joerg Fichte, ed.   Munich: Goldmann Verlag, 1989.
Facing-page German prose translation of the Riverside text of CT. Original German apparatus includes notes, introductions to Chaucer's life and to the tales, a guide to pronunciation, a history of criticism, and a bibliography.

Murphy, Michael.   Chaucer Review 26 (1991): 46-64.
Challenges existing editions of CT and proposes an alternative that would include the old-spelling version of Hengwrt with new spelling, glossing, and annotations.

Murphy, Michael, ed.   Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, 1991.
An edition of the Middle English text for nonspecialist students and general readers. Neither a normalization nor a translation, it retains--in all respects except spelling--the language of Hengwrt, with variants from other manuscripts of the…

Boffey, Julia, and Carol Meale.   Felicity Riddy, ed. Regionalism in Late Medieval Manuscripts and Texts: Essays Celebrating the Publication of A Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English. York Manuscripts Conferences: Proceedings Series, no. 2 (Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 1991), pp. 143-69.
Rawlinson C.86 contains ClT and portions of PrT and LGW. Analysis of the manuscript reveals interests of the contemporary London audience and suggests that several booklets in the manuscript may have been produced on speculation.

Boyd, David Lorenzo.   Dissertation Abstracts International 52 (1991): 909A.
On the basis of insights provided by manuscripts (especially Harvard MS English 530), certain works by Hoccleve and Lydgate reveal unifying themes. To fifteenth-century readers, Chaucer's PF treated the relationship of common profit and individual…
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