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Patterson, Lee.   [London] : [Birkbeck College], 1995.
Two essays: 1) "The Place of Philology" argues that the MLE is Chaucer's late and revised addition to CT and that it is properly followed by WBP; Patterson confronts the manuscript evidence and suggests several structural and thematic continuities…

Moloney, Rowland.   [London] Times Educational Supplement, Mar. 1, 1996, Extra English Section, p. v.
Lesson ideas for teaching CT to twelve-year-olds; mentions a prospective BBC animated version of CT.

De Hamel, Christopher.   [London]: Allen Lane, 2016; New York: Penguin, 2017.
Discusses twelve notable medieval manuscripts, recounting personal encounters with each in its library setting, emphasizing aesthetic appreciation, illustrations, and the exigencies of provenances, while including codicological descriptions and…

Salter, Elizabeth, reader, with A. C. Spearing.   [London]: Cambridge University Press, 1976.
Item not seen; cited in WorldCat, which also cites a CD release in 1998. Includes GP description of the Wife of Bath, as well as WBPT.

Farrar, Sidney.   [London]: Hulton Educational Publications, 1965.
Item not seen. Information derived from WorldCat records.

Spencer, Brian.   [London]: London Museum, 1972.
Social history of late-medieval London produced to accompany an exhibition at the London Museum "concerned with life in London" during Chaucer's time. The text comments on Chaucer's life and on social, political, mercantile, and ecclesiastical…

Stokes, Richard.   [London]: Penguin, 2016.
Opens with a section (pp. 1-6) on Chaucer's life and his role as a songwriter (one who "introduced the rondel into England from France"), and reprints, with glosses and comments, the words from Ralph Vaughan Williams's printed musical score of MercB…

Lutyens, Elisabeth, composer.   [London]: Schott, 1960.
Item not seen. WorldCat records indicate the score was "reproduced from composer's manuscript," with "texts taken from Chaucer, Joyce, Shakespeare, and Dylan Thomas among others." Variously numbered as opus 44, opus 45, and opus 47.

Hodgson, Phyllis, ed.   [London]: University of London. Athlone Press, 1960 and 1973.
Textbook edition of FranPT and the GP description of the Franklin, with text in Middle English, notes and glossary, and discussion of the Franklin's character, possible sources of FranT, and Chaucer's "inventiveness." Includes several appendixes:…

[Los Gatos, Calif.]: Smashwords, [2015].
The woman that infatuates the narrator is a barista who she calls "Chaucer girl," so named because she is first seen holding a copy of "The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer."

Herd, David, ed.
Pincus, Anna, ed.  
[Manchester]: Comma Press, 2016-21.
Anthologizes in four volumes oral accounts by asylum seekers and immigrants detained in Britain and elsewhere, recorded by various poets and novelists, and modelled on the CT, with an opening Prologue in each volume, followed by narratives with…

King, Francis W., and Bruce Steele, eds.   [Melbourne]: Cheshire, 1969; [London]: J. Murray, 1971.
Item not seen. The WorldCat record indicates that this is an edition, with notes and commentary, of GP, PardPT, PrT, and NPT.

Gooden, Philip.   [n.p.]: Albert Bridge Books, 2013.
Item not seen. The WorldCat record indicates that this murder mystery involves Chaucer as a young man investigating a case that involves his family and the wine trade in the Vintry Ward,

Pearsall, Derek.   [n.p.]: Anglia Multimedia, 2001.
Interactive audio/video presentations on a series of historical and literary topics that relate to Chaucer, designed for classroom use. Includes nine presentations: "Interview with Chaucer," "Medieval London," "Chaucer Abroad: France," "Chaucer…

Malir, Gerry.   [n.p.]: Artsmagic, 2009.
[n.p.]: MVD, 2009, 2017.
Introduction to late medieval social and literary history, focusing on Chaucer. Illustrated with modern footage and reproductions from medieval life and narrated by Peter Morgan Jones. Interspersed with portions of an interview with Terry Jones that…

Mason, Wendy.   [n.p.]: Conrad Press, 2020.
Fictional account of twenty-one Australian tourists telling self-disclosing stories, modeled on CT, with many echoes, e.g., character-names such as Tony Knight, Giles Sumner, Barbara Bath, etc.

Dick, A. J. B.
McBeath, H. C., illus.  
[n.p.]: Nelson, 1965.
Item not seen. A WorldCat record indicates that the illustrations are by H. C. McBeath.

Coghill, Nevill, and Norman Davis, readers.   [n.p.]: Spoken Arts, 1960s.
Item not seen. WorldCat records indicate that this spoken-word recording includes "Beowulf's speech to Hrothgar, the Dragon Flight and the Funeral of Beowulf" in Old English (20.02 min.) and GP and PardT in Middle English (29.16 min.).

Finney, Ross Lee, comp.   [New York, N.Y.]: Edition Peters, 2009.
Reproduction of holographic musical score, with lyrics and performance instructions, copyrighted in 1965 by Henmar Press. Headnote: "Commissioned for the Hopkins Center 'Congregation of the Arts' at Dartmouth College by Mario di Bonaventura, Musical…

Gunn, Thom.   [New York]: Albondocani Press, 1971.
Twenty-line poem in five four-line stanzas, with possible echoes of GP, a reference to Chaucer in the title, and a quotation of GP lines 1.9-10 on the cover. This art edition is limited to 300 copies, designed as a holiday greeting, with a cover…

Rorem, Ned, composer.   [New York]: Boosey & Hawkes, 1965.
Item not seen. Information derived from WorldCat records.

Kirk, Theron, composer   [New York]: Boosey & Hawkes, 1970.
Item not seen; WorldCat records indicate that this four-part score includes the text of "Now Welcome Summer" (a translation of PF 680-92), set to music, along with other scored seasonal texts by Keats (autumn), Shakespeare (winter), and Thomas Nashe…

Barab, Seymour, comp. and M. C. Richards.   [New York]: Boosey and Hawkes, 1964.
Musical score that adapts NPT, with lyrics in Modern English. Libretto by M. C. Richards. Composed, with additional lyrics and vocal score by Seymour Barab.

Queen, Ellery, ed.   [New York]: New American Library, 1967.
Anthologizes twenty-three short prose narratives by English and American writers, with a brief, appreciative literary biography for each, and an introductory essay on the nature of anthologies. Includes an excerpt from PardT (pp. 3-8) in Percy…

Hayes, Alfred M., and James Laughlin, ed.   [New York]: New Directions, 1972.
A selection of poems by various authors from Virgil to the twentieth century. Includes a selection from SNP (8.36-56) and its source, i.e., a facing-page selection from Dante's "Paradiso." Illustrated by José Erasto. Selection slightly revised from…
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