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London: Penguin, 1996.
Item not seen; cited in WorldCat which indicates that this is a selection from CT in Middle English. WorldCat also cites a 1998 release of this publication.

Madrid: Edimat Libros, 2002.
A selection from CT in Spanish prose, including GP, KnT, MilPT, RvT, ShT, PrPT, ThPT (the tale of Thopas in stanzaic verse), MkP, NPPT, WBPT, ClPE (with Envoy in verse), MerPT, SqE, FranPT, PardPT, ParsT, and Ret. Published again in 2006, with a new…

Brookfield, Conn.: Millbrook Press, 1997.
Collects twelve stories that explore "the notions of fate, destiny, and coincidence," including a prose adaptation of the PardT, "A Meeting with Death: Adapted from 'The Pardoner's Tale' from 'The Canterbury Tales'" (pp. 79-90), which modifies the…

Franklin, Tenn.: Naxos AudioBooks, 1995-2004.
Items not seen; cited in WorldCat. Readings of selections from CT in modern poetic translation by Frank Ernest Hill. Volume I (3 CDs; 1995) includes GP, KnT, MilT, PardT, MerT and FranT. Volume II (3 CDs, 2002): WBPT, ClT, RvT, and NPT. Volume III (3…

Buenos Aires: Editorial Biblos, 2005.
Item not seen; cited in WorldCat as an anthology in Spanish of selections from CT, Boccaccio's "Decameron," and Don Juan Manuel's "Conde de Lucanor," with selection and notes by Susana G. Artal.

Genoa: Cideb Editrice; Amsterdam: Intertaal, 2002.
Item not located; cited in WorldCat which notes that it pertains to GP and five tales from CT, with texts, notes, and activities by Derek Sellen.

New York: New Directions, 2008.
Eighty-four brief poems or excerpts from longer ones, including lines 36-56 of SNP in Middle English (pp. 68-69), with indication of Chaucer's debt to Dante, whose version of "St. Bernard's Hymn to the Virgin" is given in Italian and English…

Córdoba, Argentina: El Cid Editor, 2003.
Item not seen; reported by WorldCat as a Spanish translation of CT.

Santa Fe: El Cid Editor, 2009.
Item not seen; reported by WorldCat as Spanish translation of CT, with link to ebrary Title Preview.

Provo, Utah : Chaucer Studio, 2003.
Recorded digitally at Boulder, Colorado, in association with the 13th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society. Edited and mastered by Troy Sales and Paul Thomas.

Gaffke, Carol T., ed. Poetry Criticism: Excerpts from Criticism of the Works of the Most Significant and Widely Studied Poets of World Literature, Volume 19 (Detroit: Gale, 1997), pp. 1-79.
Excerpted selections from Chaucer criticism, ranging from 1809 (William Blake) to 1995, prefaced by a brief introduction to his life and works and followed by suggestions for further reading.

Chicago: CLEARVUE/eav Inc., 1994
Item not seen; reported by WorldCat.

New York: SparkNotes, 2009.
Facing-page translation of selections from CT into informal, colloquial modern prose. A brief introduction characterizes the pilgrims and the characters in selected tales; selections include GP, KnT, MilT, WBPT, PardPT, Th, and NPT.

Theatre Record 25.25 (2005):1678-83 and 26.14 (2006): 815-18.
Reprints of Stratford and London newspaper and magazine reviews of Mike Poulton's two-part adaptation of CT for the stage, performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Includes cast list for each part.

Dissertation Abstracts International 60: 3375A, 1999.
Juxtaposition of sixteenth-century editions of works of Chaucer and Langland with Elizabethan plays and pamphlets shows how the later authors use "Reformation-inspired literary traditions" to develop a sense of popular traditions that bind together…

Princeton, N.J : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, with Cromwell Productions, 1999.
Pedagogical tool for introduction to CT, including the text of the Tales in modern and Middle English, selections from the Ellesmere facsimile, overviews of plots and characters, a glossary of modern synonyms for Middle English words, a pronunciation…

Provo, Utah : Chaucer Studio, 1996.
Recorded at radio station KRCW, Santa Monica College, during the Tenth International Congress of the New Chaucer Society. Re-edited and digitally mastered as a CD-ROM by Troy Sales and Paul Thomas in 2006.

Provo, Utah: Chaucer Studio, 1994.
Dir. and read by Alex Jones.

Chaucer Review 18 (1983): 175-81.
Symposium by thirteen Chaucerians.

London 'Times', July 26, 1986, p. 14.
Terry Jones is reported as persisting in his belief that "Chaucer's 'parfit gentil knight' was no such thing," that Chaucer's portrait was ironic.

Zurcher, Andrew.   Spenser Studies 21 (2006): 231-40.
Zurcher studies usage of "mote" and "mought" and compares Spenser's and Chaucer's uses of modal auxiliaries.

Zuraikat, Malek.   Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literature 9.1 (2017): 95-105.
Assesses female silence as resistance to masculine power in KnT, arguing that the strategy is limited. In KnT women succeed when they “express their need” for male protection, but not when they oppose or resist patriarchy. Includes an abstract in…

Zuraikat, Malek.   Dissertation Abstracts International A76.07 (2015): n.p.
Argues that along with works by Langland and Gower, Chaucer's writings, especially CT, may be read as an indirect critique of crusading.

Zumthor, Paul.   Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1986.
Analyzes the function of the medievalist and medieval literary critic.

Zucker, David H.   Thoth 8 (1967): 3-22.
Investigates the combination of serious message (the nature of "love-in-the world") and comic method in HF, exploring Chaucer's shifts in narrative stance, his adaptations of Dante, his uses of irony, and the similarities between his methods and…
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