Adam Scriveyn and Chaucer's Metrical Practice.

Author / Editor
Weiskott, Eric.

Adam Scriveyn and Chaucer's Metrical Practice.

Medium Aevum 86.1 (2017): 147-51.

Exemplifies how metrical phonology ("the linguistic forms that fill out metre") supports A. S. G. Edwards's claim (in "Chaucer and ‘Adam Scriveyn,' " MÆ 81 [2002]) that Chaucer may not have written the lyric Adam. In line 3, "longe" and "lokkes" scan as monosyllables, but Chaucer's use of these and similar words is disyllabic elsewhere, and such disyllabic usage was for Chaucer "virtually non-negotiable." Metrical evidence suggests fifteenth-century authorship, and the rime royal stanza suggests the era's "nascent cult of Chaucer."

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Adam Scriveyn
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