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Andrew, Malcolm, ed.
Cawley, A.C., ed.  
London: Dent, 2000.
Text and notes of KnT, SqPT, and FranPT in Middle English, originally edited by Cawley and here revised by Andrew. Includes a Chronology of Chaucer's life and times and an Introduction (xii-xvii) by Andrew that focuses on the Tales as romances and…

Lamb, Sidney, ed.   Lincoln, Neb.: Cliff's Notes, [1966].
Introductory study edition of WBPT, with Middle English text, interlinear translation, and side-bar commentary and glosses, preceded by introductions to Chaucer's Life and World (pp. 6-9) and to his backgrounds, language, phonology, and versification…

Lamb, Sidney, ed.   Lincoln, Neb.: Cliff's Notes, 1966.
Introductory study edition of GP, with Middle English text, interlinear translation, and side-bar commentary and glosses, preceded by introductions to Chaucer's Life and World (pp. 6-9) and to the backgrounds, language, phonology, and versification…

Cook, Daniel, ed.   Garden City, N. Y.: Anchor, 1966.
An edition of TC with facing-page glosses and occasional notes, preceded by an Introduction (pp. vii-xxxviii) that includes a summary of the medieval Troy story, commentary on Chaucer's source material (Boccaccio, Boethius, and the conventions of…

Howard, Donald R.   Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1966.
Explores the medieval psychology of temptation and sin, anchored in Scripture and patristic writing—the three-fold lures of gluttony (flesh), avarice (world), and vainglory (devil), resisted, ideally, by "contemptus mundi." Treats TC (pp, 79-160)…

Pearce, L. K., trans.   Toronto: Coles, 1966
Item not seen. The WorldCat records indicate a reissue in 1972.

Wimsatt, James Irving.   Dissertation Abstracts International 27.04 (1966): 1041A.
Describes the French influences on BD of, among others, three poems by Machaut, one by Froissart, and Guillaume de Lorris's portion of the "Roman de la Rose," demonstrating the dependence and innovations of Chaucer's work in the tradition of the…

Soules, Eugene Henri.   Dissertation Abstracts International 26.10 (1966): 6053A.
Studies the "three narrative parallels" of TC which complement the story and unify the theme: the "cosmic drama, the fall of Troy, and the performance of the narrator."

Pearce, L. K., trans.   Toronto: Coles, 1966
Item not seen.

Mieszkowski, Gretchen.   Dissertation Abstracts International 27.02 (1966): 459A.
Discusses Criseyde in "English, French, Latin, and some Italian literature between the middle of the twelfth and the end of the fifteenth century," establishing that she was "a type of the fickle woman long before" Chaucer wrote TC.

McNally, John J.   Studies in Medieval Culture 2 (1966): 104-10.
Reads TC as a "subtle reprobation of courtly love," suggesting that Chaucer's ironic treatment of love is signaled by the placement and timing of allusions to Dante's "Divine Comedy" and by parallels between the structures of the two works, with Book…

Manner, Eeva-Liisa, trans.   Helsinki: Otava, 1966.
Item not seen. The WorldCat record indicates that this is a Finnish translation of Eleanor Fargeon's "Tales from Chaucer" [1959].

Hughes, Edward, composer.   London: Oxford University Press, 1966.
Item not seen. The WorldCat records indicate that this is a vocal score for children's opera, with lyrics derived from the NPT by Peter Westmore.

Higgs, Elton Dale   Dissertation Abstracts International 27.04 (1966): 1030-31A.
Describes the conventions of late-medieval English "literary dreams," and explores how Chaucer, William Langland, and the "Pearl"-poet exploit the "potentialities of the form," including discussion of the development of the dream narrator in BD, HF,…

Hatton, Thomas Jenison.   Dissertation Abstracts International 27.02 (1966): 456-57A.
Uses late-medieval literary and historical sources to define the Anglo-French ideal of a "perfect knight," and applies this understanding to KnT, MkT, WBT, and FranT.

Harrison, Benjamin S.   Dissertation Abstracts International 27.06 (1966): 1786A
Assesses prior critical treatments of Chaucer's uses of rhetoric and traces a pattern of development from his use of the "conventional methods of expansion and embellishment" of the medieval rhetoricians, through "increasing independence" to…

Greer, Allen Wilkinson.   Dissertation Abstracts International 26.08 (1966): 4627-28A.
Explores how the comic elements of Chaucer's narrative detachment in TC "qualify the tragedy or pathos" of the poem, and how diction, word-play, and five-book structure contribute to its tragicomic impact.

Donohue, James John, trans.   Dubuque, Iowa: Loras College Press, 1966.
Item not seen. WorldCat records indicate that this collection includes modernizations of GP, KnT, PardT, MkT, NPT, and SNT, portions of which were previously published in 1954 and 1960.

Dean, Nancy.   Dissertation Abstracts International 27.05 (1966):1334A.
Studies Chaucer's uses of Ovid in Mars, Ven, Pity, Anel, BD, HF, and TC, focusing on complaints and depictions of women, and providing lists of observed parallels between Chaucer and Ovid, work by work. This dissertation was completed in 1963.

Dean, Nancy.   Hunter College Studies 3 (1966): 75-90.
Argues that Ovid's "Tristia" and "Ex Ponto" influenced the ideas of Fame, Fortune, and Rumor in HF, along with several details in the poem.

Coley, John Smartt.   Dissertation Abstracts International 26.08 (1966): 4625-26A.
Translates a potion of the "Roman de Thebes" into modern English; the Introduction to the translation includes discussion of Chaucer's uses of the work in KnT

Bazire, Joyce.   Year's Work in English Studies 45 (1966): 80-96.
A discursive review of Chaucerian scholarship and research published in 1964.

Baltzell, Jane Lucile.   Dissertation Abstracts International 26.08 (1966): 4622-23A.
Explores the roots of medieval poetic theory in medieval rhetorical handbooks, and examines MilT, PrT, PhyT, MerT, and ClT) for evidence that Chaucer was influenced by the "received medieval poetic," even though his "narrative procedure . . . may be…

Austin, Robert J., ed.   Toronto: Coles, 1966.
Item not seen.

Owen, Trevor Allen.   Dissertation Abstracts International 27.11 (1967): 3847A.
Surveys medieval and Renaissance accounts and allusions to Julius Caesar as background to analysis of Shakespeare's depiction of him in "Julius Caesar," including commentary on Chaucer's several references to Caesar and analysis of the Caesar section…
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